EMS Mobile App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 9

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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The App Store and Google Play Store versions of Update 7 EMS Mobile App were renamed to "EMS Mobile app Update 7". This release (Update 9, called "EMS Mobile App") of EMS Mobile App for iOS, will be available in the App Store on March 10 due to the two day Apple approval process.

V44.1 Update 9

Release Date: 
March 07, 2017

Patch #:

Build #:    
IPA 44.1.4464 
           APK 44.1.4466




Create Reservation





Added location and capacity filters for narrowing down the room search results.

Added Smart defaults for start time and end time based on the process templates default values for Start time and End time.

Time zone defaults to selected location and now is a read-only field next to Start Time and End Time .

Enlarged button area for "+" button to access process templates.

If user has only one process template assigned, clicking on "+" button now loads the process template rather than taking user to the "select process template" page.

List View




Removed past bookings from the list view since Everyday Users only care about upcoming and future meetings.

Removed Schedule View from the home page. This view contained only the user created EMS bookings and hence not a true representation of the user's schedule and could be misleading.

Added a pull-out monthly calendar to view the upcoming bookings.

Booking capacity on the calendar changed from "varying sizes bars" to "dots". Size of bars did not convey the intent of their presence; smaller bars indicated few meetings, while bigger ones indicated more meetings. A dot under the date now indicates the presence of meeting.

Favorite rooms

Added Location filter for narrowing down the room search results.

Browse locations

Removed the Browse Location feature.

Your filters

Removed "Your Filters" feature, which was only used inside the Browse Locations.

Branding - Logo

Added the capability to change the EMS Mobile App logo on the "connect screen". This feature can only be implemented in cases of private deployment. 

Branding - Help 

Customized the Help link on the Menu page so users can now change the label and link for this field through EMS Mobile App-specific parameters in EMS Desktop Client.




Added support for Single Sign On protocol: SAML 2.0.

Added support for Single Sign On protocol: OpenID Connect.

Added persistent authentication/auto login support. Users will not be required to enter credentials every time they use EMS Mobile App.

EMS Mobile App Admin Page

EMS Mobile App admin functionality is now available under Admin functions in EMS Web App. 


Replaced the EMS Mobile App API with a new middle-tier component, "EMS Platform Services". Using EMS Mobile App now requires users to upgrade to EMS Platform Services. 

Using React native framework is now in use for EMS Mobile App development.


Significant improvements in quality and performance.

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