EMS for Outlook
Release Notes
V44.1, Update 9 

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 9

Release Date: March 07, 2017

Patch: 201702270

Build #:  44.1.9000.478

Exchange Integration Build#: 44.1.9000.80





Building Filter Displays Incorrectly on Schedule View

When users viewed the Calendar, the drop-down building filter listed all buildings and did not filter the view as expected. 

Fix: Removed the Building drop-down from the Calendar view. Users can access this filter by clicking the Filter button.



Exchange Integration URL Limited to 81 Characters

When users installed EMS for Outlook and entered an Exchange Integration URL longer than 81 characters, the URL in the registry was cut off and did not match their entry.  

Fix: Modified the field to allow up to 200 characters.


Edit Booking

Minimum Capacity Changed to Match Maximum Capacity

When users booked a room with a minimum and maximum capacity, and then editing the booking, the minimum capacity changed to match the maximum capacity on the Selected Rooms tab of the EMS Room Manager. When users saved the booking, the error, "The attendance must be between the minimum and maximum capacity for Building..." displayed.  

Fix: Modified validations so that the room minimum capacity is preserved and the error no longer occurs.


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