Install the EMS Check-in Notification Service

To install the EMS Check-in Notification Service:

  1. Verify the prerequisite software is installed.

  2. Download the EMSCheckInNotificationSetup.msi onto the server that runs the service.

  3. Double-click EMSCheckInNotificationSetup.msi. Follow the on-screen prompts.
    We recommend that you accept the defaults.

  4. Within the Microsoft Windows Start menu, locate EMS Check-in Notification Service
    The EMS Check-in Notification Configuration dialog appears.

  5. Review and complete/change the following settings:

    • Mode – type of authentication to the SMTP server

    • SMTP Server – SMTP server name or IP address

    • Use Gmail – check this box if the organization uses Gmail as their mail server

    • Port Number – SMTP port (default = 25)

    • Use SSL – check this option if your SMTP server runs under SSL

    • User Name/Password – required if an authentication mode other than Unauthenticated is selected

    • Email Interval – the frequency with which the system generates notification emails
      If the interval is set to 0 minutes, the service will not function. We recommend that the interval is set to 10 to 15 minutes.

  6. In the Databases section of the dialog, you can see a sample server and database (named ‘server’ and ‘database’). Select this entry, click Edit, and change the values to your EMS server and database name.

    Notification Database Dialog

  7. On the Database tab of the Notification Database dialog, complete the following:

    • Server/Database – EMS server and database name

    • EMS Authentication/Windows Authentication – the method of authentication to this database

    • Email From – email address displayed in the From field of notification emails that are sent

    • Enable Service Event Logging – activates Windows event logging

  8. After making your entries, click OK.

  9. Click OK again to save your EMS Check-in Notification Configuration settings.


If you encounter issues starting the service, visit the Knowledge Base available in Accruent Access for a possible solution or contact Customer Support.