Search for Available Rooms

  1. On the Room Request page, choose one of the following: 
    • Let Me Search For A Room
    • I Know What Room I Want 

    Narrow room search results with filters in the left pane. When you click Search, results appear on the right. From these results, click the room name to view room details. Click the floor plan icon to view available floor plans.

    Click the Add/Remove buttons next to Locations, Floors, Setup Types, and Features to add or expand your filters.

  2. To filter your search by location, click Add/Remove next to Location.

    A list of available locations display.

    If it is a special date, a banner with the name of the special date appears.

  3. Select the locations filters you want to apply (or search by keyword), and then click Update Locations.

    This filters the results of your keyword search on the Add New Favorite Room dialog. Your filter settings are saved, and you will have to go back in and remove them if you want to expand search results beyond these locations.

  4. After you locate a room to reserve, click the add (+) icon to add it to your reservation.

    The booking gets added to your cart.

You can also Set Favorite Rooms and Browse Locations.