Learn About EMS Web App

  • How do I search for available space? What if I only want to make a reservation if a specific room is available?

    Use the BROWSE options from the main menu. For more guidance, see Browse Events, Locations, and People.

  • Why can't I make a reservation?

    Several settings control your capabilities as a user. For a deeper understanding, see Create a Reservation in the EMS Web App.

  • Why are some options not available to me?

    This is probably because of settings controlled by your Administrator. For more detail about these settings, see Understand Everyday User Templates.

  • Can I let someone else make reservations on my behalf?

    If enabled by your Administrator, you can delegate to other users. They will then opt to act as you from their My Account menu. 

  • How do I check if a room I want is available? How do I check a person's availability when making a reservation?

    Start at the My Home page and Browse Events, Locations, and People. If you have Outlook, you can view people's availability in a calendar view during the booking process. 

  • How do I add Services to a booking?

    You can add them during the initial booking process or by editing it laterServices, Resources, and Categories interact as part of the booking details for an event.

EMS Web App FAQs