EMS for Microsoft® Outlook Add-In User Guide (V8)

EMS for Outlook is an optional add-on for Microsoft® Outlook; if you have it installed, you will see the EMS for Outlook icon in the top toolbar of your Outlook application window. You can use Outlook to search for available rooms throughout your EMS database and make a reservation without exiting the application with EMS for Microsoft Outlook. Once you begin a meeting in Microsoft® Outlook, you can access the add-in by clicking the EMS icon. You can search for room availability for a particular time on one day (a simple reservation with one booking) or on multiple days (a series reservation with multiple bookings).


EMS for Outlook is currently only available for Windows Outlook. It is not compatible with Outlook Online or for Mac.

EMS for Outlook checks for connection to EMS upon initialization. If you are offline or off-network (VPN) when opening Outlook, you might see the icon indicate ‘offline’ within Outlook. If this happens, establish connectivity to the appropriate network and restart Outlook to establish the connection to EMS.

This guide includes information about the following topics:

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